Building Comfort Solutions for Larger Building Applications

Unprecedented Comfort Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric's CITY MULTI® is the world's first and only two-pipe, simultaneous cooling and heating, multi-zone HVAC solution. This fully-customizable solution offers you an unprecedented level of temperature and zone control – by building, by floor or even from one room to the next.

Unprecedented Control

The CITY MULTI VRF and Controls Network (CMCN) operate the system efficiently throughout your building. From a single networked PC, you can set and monitor operation, mode, temperature, fan speed and airflow direction for up to 2,000 indoor units. And, with a variety of remote controllers and timers you can satisfy the exact level of tenant control on a zone-by-zone basis.

CMCN can integrate with a Building Management System (BMS) using LonWorks or BACnet® for collective control of all building systems.

Unprecedented Efficiency

CITY MULTI's zoning system takes advantage of innovative INVERTER technology by varying the speed of the compressor to match the load requirements in each space. There is no need to worry about bypass control of air like a typical zoning system. With CITY MULTI each zone has its own indoor unit that precisely controls the temperature while operating at optimum energy saving levels.

For more information, visit our Document Library or Click Here to download the CITY MULTI Full-Line Brochure.

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